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Welcome to the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic. Our goal is to cover a wide spectrum of dental treatment and prevention based on the highest standards of dental care that exist in Western Europe and U.S.A. We created a pleasant and comfortable ambiance adhered to the strictest hygiene requirements.

A research center will operate at the polyclinic serving the continuously developing dental science. We will often invite professors from different dental schools to exchange with us opinions and experience on different topics. '

Our goals is to provide a high standard dental care for our patients, therefore we love to hear from you any suggestions which will enable us to keep this standard at the highest level.

The Departments of our Polyclinic are:

General Dentistry

This department covers the whole spectrum of contemporary general dentistry.

Oral Implantology Center

In this department the placement of implants is curried out using the Branemark System (Swedish method). This method is based on osteointegration, that is the perfect integration of the implant with the bone.

The placement of teeth is carried out in three stages. The first one is a surgical stage. In this stage the placement of the implant or implants (titanium screws) into the jaw bone is carried out. The implants remain there for a period of four to seven months. The second stage is also surgical, in which the placement of titanium abutments on the heads of the implants take place. This stage is carried out over a period of one to one and a half month. The third stage is prosthetic. False teeth are placed on the top of the abutments. This process is carried out over a period of 15 - 20 days.

In Cyprus, this method was introduced and has been applied by us since 1989.

Department of Preventive dentistry

This department specializes in the application of preventive programs in our patients especially in children. Topical fluoride application and preventive sealants are the most common procedures.

Oral hygiene instructions are given to every patient and we make sure that patients follow these instructions very strictly.

The goal of these department is to provide a healthy mouth with no signs of decay or gum disease.

X-ray department

This department is equipped with the latest model of the orthopantomograph (Planmega, Finland).

The computer of this unit can run different radiation programs such as:

Panoramic X-ray for adults.

Panoramic X-ray for children.


TMJ X-rays (various programs).

Sinus X-rays.

Tomography for the upper and lower jaws.

During exposure, all patients are protected with lead aprons.

Department of periodontology prosthodontics

This department specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment and also the maintenance of the results of the treatment of periodontal diseases (i.e. gingivitis and periodontitis).

The contribution of periodontology in dental health is enormous, especially when teeth are affected by periodontitis.

Even in cases of advance diseases, periodontology is in the position to create a positive outcome. The treatment can be conservative or even surgical, depending on the severity of the disease.

The greatest contribution of periodontology however lies in prevention, something that is accomplished through permanent control and removal of dental plaque, both by the periodontologist at the polyclinic and by the patient himself at home.

After treatment prosthetics constructions can be placed were needed to reestablish function and aesthetics, respecting the maintenance of the periodontal health.

Department of Orthodontics

This department specializes in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the dental and facial problems.

The medical problems for these problems is "malocclusion" which means "bad-bite". The practice of orthodontics requires professional skills in designing, application and control of the orthodontic appliances so as to bring teeth, jaws and lips in the ideal position and relationship.

Orthodontic treatment can successfully be applied at any age. The best time to take your child to your orthodontist is at the age of 7. At this age your child's problem can be diagnosed and may be prevented.

Orthodontics for adults is equally successful with orthodontics for children. The Biologic process for tooth movement is exactly the same in children and adults.

In children the skeletal problems or misalignment of the jaws and facial bones" can be treated with the application of orthopedic forces. Because there is no growth potential of the jaws and facial bones in adults, the same skeletal problems can be treated with combined orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery.

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