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Cineasc is a modest Web site whose aim is to list film and cinema information that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. We have two lists: a UK release schedule updated weekly and a list of cinemas with their own Webs sites updated occasionally.

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Last Update: 18/9/97.
Release schedule update.

Other Cinema Sites on the Web - a very select list

Yellow Pages Film Finder
Part of Talking Pages Web site. You can search it for any film at any of 450 venues or regional combination of venues. However it only lists weekly and many of the notable absentees from it are art house cinemas.
The Freepages
have a considerably more comprehensive cinema guide with many details about the films and the cinemas
Internet Movie Database
An essential tool for professionals, a fascinating resource for film fans
Yahoo - Movies
The Daddy of all resource guides
All-Movie Guide Main Page
The IMDB's only rival.
Specialist film & TV directory. The Mother of all resource guides.
Films on BBC TV
From the BBC's own server.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
You know - the ones that hand out the Oscars. It's all there.
Movie Review Query Engine
A wonderful resource, as useful as the IMDB in its own way.
Detailed analysis of content ranging from sex and violence to disrespect and smoking. Intended for parents to choose films suitable for the kids.
Coming Attractions
An archive of speculation, rumour and even facts about movies proposed, in production or actually made.
The Movie Cliches List
One of the few sites worth revisiting to read bits you read before.
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Not only answers all "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" questions but also six degrees of anyone else, not to mention an increasing tide of useless but fascinating statistics. A marvelous way to waste your time.


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